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Program of the official presentation

Program of the official presentation
of the Research Institute HyperComplex Systems in Geometry and Physics
May 4-5, 2009, Moscow and Fryazino, Russia

3 May
Arrivals and transfers of the participants
The Hotel Lefortovsky most: 9/23, 2nd Baumanskaya st., Moscow, 105005, Russia
l. (495)777-94-51. Fax: 495 777 94 35
E-mail: hotel@chermet.net
Website: www.lefortovskymost.ru

4 May
Conference Hall. Study Laboratory Building, Rubtsovskaya naberezhnaya st. 2/18, Moscow
9-00 - 10-00 Registration. Submitting applications for participating in work of Round tables
10-00 - 11-00 Opening. Speeches of leaders of the Institute and guests
Plenary reports
Chair: Prof. A. Morozov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia.
11-00 - 12-00 Prof. George Bogoslovsky, Research Institute Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics; Skobeltsyn Nuclear Physics Institute of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, bogoslov@theory.sinp.msu.ru
Towards Finsler Expansion of General Relativity.
12-00 - 12-30 Dr. Dmitry Skulachev, Space Research Institute RAS, dskulach@mx.iki.rssi.ru
Cosmic background radiation - history of discovery.
12-30 - 13-00 Prof. Simon Shnol, Department of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics Institute RAS, shnoll@mail.ru
Anisotropy and discreteness of space-time in alpha-decay experiments.
13-00 - 14-00 Lunch
Plenary reports
Chair: P. Rowlands, Liverpool University, Great Britain.

14-00 - 14-45 Dr. Grigory Garas'ko, Sergei Lebedev, Dmitry Pavlov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow; Research Institute Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics, Fryazino, Russia, serleb@rambler.ru
Bervald-Moor Metric and cosmic background radiation.
14-45 - 15-30 Prof. Vladimir Balan, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Mathematics I, Bucharest, Romania, vbalan@mathem.pub.ro
Finsler Geometry - recent achievements.
15-30 - 16-15 Dr. Vladimir Kassandrov, General Physics Department, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia, vkassan@sci.pfu.edu.ru
Algeba-Geometry-Physics: branches of a unique tree?
16-15 - 17-00 Prof. David Bao, Chair Department of Mathematics, San Francisco State University, California, USA, bao@math.sfsu.edu
Some Remarks on Finsler Geometry.
17-00 - 19-00 Documentary "Anisotropy world". Banquet

5 May
Research Center Wood Lake, settlement Litvinovo near Fryazino, Moscow region
Leaving for the Research Center at 9-00 from Study Laboratory Building of Bauman University, Moscow
Plenary reports
Chair: Prof. Vladimir Balan, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania.

10-30 - 11-00 Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli, Institute for Basic Research Algebras, Groups and Geometries, Florida, USA, ibr@verizon.net
New sciences for the third millennium.
11-00 - 11-30 Dr. Vargas Jose Gabriel, PST Associates, Colombia, USA, josegvargas@earthlink.net
The algebra and Calculus of Integrands: from Clifford through Cartan to Kaehler.
11-30 - 12-00 Prof. Jose Borges de Almeida, Universidade do Minho, Physics Department, Braga, Portugal, bda@fisica.uminho.pt
How much in the Universe can be explained by geometry?
12-00 - 13-00 Lunch
Plenary reports
Chair: Prof. Jose Borges de Almeida, Universidade do Minho, Physics Department, Braga, Portugal

13-00 - 13-30 Prof. Peter Rowlands, Department of Physics, University of Liverpool, Oliver Lodge Laboratory, Liverpool, UK, p.rowlands@liverpool.ac.uk
Beyond the Dirac equation.
13-30 - 14-00 Dr. Brinzei Nicoleta, "Transilvania" University, Brasov, Romania, nico.brinzei@rdslink.ro grasza_01@yahoo.com
On the equations of gravity and electromagnetism in anisotropic spaces.
14-00 - 14-30 Prof. Pit-Mann Wong, Department of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, Pit-Mann.Wong.2@nd.edu
Torsion and curvature (holomorphic bisectional, holomorphic sectional, Ricci (Eibstein), Bochner-Weyl (conformal) of complex Finsler metrics.
14-30 - 15-00 Coffee break
15-00 - 18-00 Work of Round tables
18-00 - 18-30 Summing up work of Round tables
18-30 - 20-00 Banquet
20-00 - 21-00 Leaving for Moscow

6 May

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