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The VII-th International Conference
Finsler Extensions of Relativity Theory - FERT 2011
29 Aug. 4 Sept. 2011, Braşov Romania


Transilvania University of Braşov
Research Institute of Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics
NonCommercial Foundation on Research Development in the field of Finsler Geometry Finsler Prize


Prof. dr. Gheorghe MUNTEANU - Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
Dr. D.G. PAVLOV - Research Institute Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics, Moscow-Fryazino, Russia
Prof. dr. Vladimir BALAN - University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Prof. dr. Emil STOICA - Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
Dr. G. DARVAS - Institute for Research Organization of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Lect. dr. Nicoleta VOICU - Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania, (secretary)
Lect. dr. Nicoleta ALDEA- Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania, (secretary)


Acad. R. MIRON Romanian Academy, University Al. I. Cuza, Iasi, Romania
Acad. V.G. KADYSHEVSKY - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
Prof. dr. M. FRANCAVIGLIA Universita di Torino, President of the Italian Society of Relativity
Prof. dr. L. TAMASSY - Institute of Mathematics, University Debrecen, Hungary
Prof. dr. G. Yu. BOGOSLOVSKI - Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia Research Institute Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics, Fryazino
Prof. dr. H. SHIMADA - Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido Tokai University, Japan
Prof. dr. G. ATANASIU - Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

This Conference continues the ongoing series of conferences, held each year, since 2004: Moscow, Russian Federation (2004, 2007), MoscowFryazino, Russian Federation (2009, 2010); Cairo, Egypt (2005, 2006, 2008).

The main topics of our Conference, FERT 2011- Brasov, Romania, cover the following areas:
Finsler geometry and its applications.
Extensions of Finsler, Lagrange and Hamilton geometries to Relativity Theory.
Hypercomplex structures and their applications to Relativity Theory.
Field theories depending on direction. Extensions of Yang-Mills theories.
The general philosophical and mathematical principles underlying Finsler extensions of Relativity Theory.
Experimental investigations and astrophysical observations designed to detect possible evidence for the anisotropy of real Space-Time.

The participation fee is EUR 80 per person and EUR 40 for accompanying persons. This fee covers the expenses of organization and several social events (welcome reception, farewell party). An excursion will be organized.
The accommodation places for participants will be: ARO Hotel (5 stars - 70 EURO, 4 stars -50 EURO), CAPITOL Hotel (3 stars 35 EURO), LONGSTREET Hotel (recommended: 3 stars 19 EURO/single room, 11 EURO/shared double room) and Student Hostel of Transilvania University (almost 5 EURO, in rooms with two or tree beds ). Arrival day: 28 Aug. Departure day: 4 Sept.
The location of the FERT 2011 is in Brasov, a nice mountain city situated in the center of Romania. The distance from the capital (Bucharest) to Brasov is 160 kilometres, and the town can be reached easily by intercity trains or by car. The International Airport Bucuresti-Otopeni is situated on the road Bucharest- Brasov, at almost 20 Kilometers from Bucharest. Z
The conference talks will be presented in the AULA auditorium of Transilvania University.
Papers presented at the Conference, after a selection process, will be published in the Bulletin of Transilvania University (reviewed in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt).

Please find detailed and periodically updated information about our Conference on the webpage: http://cs.unitbv.ro/fert2011

For any questions or problems related to this conference, please contact the organizers at the address: munteanugelu@gmail.com

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