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VIII-th International Conference Finsler Extensions of Relativity Theory (FERT-2012)

VIII-th International Conference
Finsler Extensions of Relativity Theory (FERT-2012)
June 25th- July 1st 2012
Moscow-Fryazino, Russia

Moscow Bauman State Technical University
Research Institute for Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics
International Foundation of Finsler Geometry Research

invite you to take part in the
VIIIth International Conference “Finsler Extensions of Relativity Theory” (FERT-2012)

The previous FERT Conferences took place in Egypt (2005, 2006, 2008), in Russia (2004, 2007, 2009, 2010) and in Romania (2011).
The materials of these events – the special volumes of the journal “Hyper Complex Numbers in Geometry and Physics”, videos and papers – can be found on the web-sites: (Russian) and on (English)

Organizing commitee

Dr. D.G. Pavlov - Research Institute for Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics, Russia (president);
Prof. Dr. A. N. Morozov - Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Russia;
Prof. Dr. D. A. Iagondikov - Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Russia;
Dr. A.A. Eliovich – Russian Peoples’ Friendship University, Russia;
Dr. N. Voicu – “Transilvania” University, Brasov, Romania;
E.V. Tepliakova - Research Institute for Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics, Russia.

Scientific commitee

Acad. R. Miron – Romanian Academy, “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania;
Prof. Dr. V. Balan – “Politehnica” University, Bucharest, Romania;
Prof. Dr. G. Yu. Bogoslovsky – Research Institute for Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia;
Prof. Dr. Yu. S. Vladimirov – Moscow State University “M.V. Lomonosov”, Russia;
Prof. Dr. A.P. Efremov - Russian Peoples’ Friendship University, Russia;
Prof. Dr. Gh. Munteanu – “Transilvania” University, Brasov, Romania;
Prof. Dr. Gh. Atanasiu - – “Transilvania” University, Brasov, Romania;
Prof. Dr. L. Tamassy – Institute of Mathematics, University of Debrecen, Hungary;
Dr. G.I. Garas’ko - Research Institute for Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics, Russia.

Topics to be discussed during the conference

1. Rashevski’s polymetric geometry.
2. Symmetries of Finsler spaces.
3. Various Finsler metrics and corresponding spaces.
4. Poly-linear symmetrical forms of n vectors as Finsler generalizations of scalar product.
5. Linear Finsler spaces and their relations with hypercomplex numbers.
6. Isometric, conformal, and other metrically selected transformations of Finsler spaces.
7. Finsler spaces and n-ary operations.
8. Finsler extensions of Special and General Relativity Theory.
9. Algebraic fractals over hypercomplex numbers and Finsler spaces related to them.
10. Experimental research and astrophysical observations that could prove the necessity of Finsler extensions of the geometry describing the real space-time.
11. Hypercomplex numbers in Geometry, Physics and Biology.

The organizers are going to pay special attention to geometries with metric functions that have the form of symmetrical polynomials of four variables of degree three and four (Chernov and Berwald-Moor metrics). This is due to the fact that the quadratic form which is characteristic to the space-time of the Special Relativity (Minkowski metric) is, in certain bases, a symmetrical polynomial of four variables degree two. There is no doubt that all these three geometries are akin to each other, and this presumes the possibility to use them together and not separately for the physical applications.
Besides, this Conference will essentially differ from the previous ones in the following way: the organizers are going to bring together not only mathematicians and theoretical physicists but also experimenters who work with phenomena that can be hardly explained or even cannot be explained in frames of the traditional pseudo-Riemannian approach to the real space-time.

The accommodation is planned in “Sosnovy Bor” hotel ($100 per night) and also in the “Forest Lake” hostel of the Municipal Education center in Fryazino (free for participants).

Working languages of the Conference
Russian and English.

The papers will be published, after a selection process, in the journal “Hyper Complex Numbers in Geometry and Physics”.

Website of the conference:
The official information will be present on the website

Registration fee:
There is no registration fee (the expenses will be covered by the Organizing Commitee), but the participants are supposed to pay for the transportation and for the accommodation (in the case they opt for “Sosnovyi Bor” hotel).

Important dates:
The deadline for sending the registration form and the abstract(s) is June 1, 2012. The registration form, together with the abstract(s), should be written on 1-2 pages in A4 format, in Russian or English
and should be sent together with the form to the Conference Secretary Elena Tepliakova to
Beginning of the conference: June 25th, 2012.

Respectfully yours,
Director General of the RI HCSGP
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of FERT-2012
Dmitry Pavlov
Phone: +7-495-761-10-00
Fax: (495) 956-67-89

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